Book Review: The Rosie Effect


The Rosie Project  by Graeme Simsion

Publisher: Text Publishing Company
Pages: 415

Main Characters: Don Tillman, Rosie Jarman



Don Tillman is not wired the same way as most people, and is extremely organised. He is not a person who has many emotional connections, yet he is in love with Rosie, his wife and would do anything to make her happy. Unfortunately, he does not always go about things in the right way, and it often leads to disaster, which may ultimately drive him and Rosie apart.

My review:

A bit over a year ago, I read The Rosie Project, and I enjoyed most of the book. I decided then not to read The Rosie Effect right away, and I only just read it now. It was okay, but I did not enjoy it as much as the first book. It had a nice ending though, so I have given it three stars. (3.55 average on Goodreads)

Maybe it was just me, or maybe when I read the two books at different times, I was in a different mood, or perhaps looking for something else when I was reading, but I just didn’t seem to enjoy this book as much.

There were parts of it that I did like though, but I found that I just couldn’t connect with the story or the characters like I did in The Rosie Project. I think that this had a lot to do with the dialogue, and while I understand that Don is very straight to the point and direct, I didn’t remember Rosie being so much like that in book one. In this book, apart from when she was mad, it felt like she was almost robotic, and I ended up just skimming quite a bit.

I wanted so much to enjoy The Rosie Effect, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.



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